Thursday, 10 December 2015

My time capsule

Time Capsule 2015
WALT:  Explain what is important to us and to justify our choices.
NAME: Lily Graham

My Time Capsule Item
My Reason for including this – How does it impact upon my life.
My computer
It helps with my school work and home life.  It is an endless world of facts and fun activities like watching crafting youtube videos.  
My family photo
My Family that I love and couldn’t be without.
Nelson and Toby  (my dogs)
These are my pets and sleep on my bed at night.
Favourite toys (Big Ted)
Big Ted has been my favourite toy since I was born.  He use to belong to my big sister and he is a great pillow.
My Bike
I ride to school in summer and complete triathlons.  I went on a 3 day bike camp.
The pool
I spend lots of time in the school holidays in the pool.  It is fun to lie on the lilo and relax in the water.
Mum’s car
Mum got a new car this year and it has a video in it. It is very cool.
Favourite food (lasagne and cucumber)
Lasagne is delicious and cucumber is my favourite vegetable I eat it everyday and we grow lots in the garden in summer.
They are fun because you get to swim, bike and run all in the one event. Ii have entered lots of them.
Girl Guides
I enjoy Girl Guides you earn badges and go on lots of camps.  I am going to jamboree in January to Christchurch with 1400 other guides.
Swimming is amazing.  I swim almost every day in summer and I have had swimming training for years.
Fav movie “Teen Beach Movie”
This is my favourite movie I have watched it about 5 times.  I love musicals.
Fav song “3am ”
This is my favourite song and it is by my favourite artist and I enjoy listening to it.
Fav artist “Meghan Trainor”
I think Meghan Trainor is a great singer and I listen to her on spotify all the time.
Fav Book  “Dork Diaries”
I don’t read a lot but when I discovered Dork Diaries it gave me a chance to read books I like.
Best Friends Jess / Nicole
Jessica Cammock is my best friend because even if we have a fight in 5 minutes we will have made up.  She has moved to another school but she is still my friend.
Fav Activity “Drama and Singing”
I like drama and singing because singing is fun to do and I like to write my own songs.  Drama is fun and I go to the Drama workshop and the Glee club and like performing in plays and musicals.
Fav Sport “Basketball”
I have improved in basketball alot this year and I am good at getting the rebounds.  I was proud when I got player of the day.

Friday, 18 September 2015

This is the bowline knot 

WE made a video to show how it's made. We are are going yachting soon so we will need to know how they are made. When yachting you need the knots so the boat will not capsize. Or maybe The boat will brake.  

This  is the figure of 8 knot  

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

a poem about my family

My family is weird
You will think That we are crazy

Family, we have a big family
Amazing, How my dad is so busy
Memories, we have lots of good memories
I am the youngest in the family
Lily the baby in the family
Your now thinking, Wow


Monday, 17 August 2015

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Nicole, Emma & I made some shapes out of play dough and little sticks. We made a triangle, pyramid & a square. This was easy to make. And alot of fun.

Monday, 11 May 2015

by the one and only Lily

   With 15min to play
    Riding till the end
    One wrong move and I  will be sitting down
    Pushing the pedals
     Obeying the road rolls
Stopping at the red lights
Slowly riding in the park
     Look both ways
  Think and go along the road
    Turning corners
    Big wheels
  Yet stopping
   And then I jump
   Waiting till I can go
   The red light
   Go forward and back
   The wheel

       I Hesitate,
       Will I fall off?
        Just as  I am going to fall off
         And  then    
   And then
                                                                              And then
        I hear the whistle
   I go to have my lunch

Friday, 1 May 2015

The movies was usual enough

The movies was usual enough; it had
A popcorn machine, a counter, and a Cinderella poster
That was taller than me. Nicole and me
did what girl do when waiting- stood and talked
Till we were let in, walked into the cinema, sat in the
top row, watched like eagles through the
Soft loud movie,
At the end we walked out and talked
Doing nothing important.
by Lily