Monday, 11 May 2015

by the one and only Lily

   With 15min to play
    Riding till the end
    One wrong move and I  will be sitting down
    Pushing the pedals
     Obeying the road rolls
Stopping at the red lights
Slowly riding in the park
     Look both ways
  Think and go along the road
    Turning corners
    Big wheels
  Yet stopping
   And then I jump
   Waiting till I can go
   The red light
   Go forward and back
   The wheel

       I Hesitate,
       Will I fall off?
        Just as  I am going to fall off
         And  then    
   And then
                                                                              And then
        I hear the whistle
   I go to have my lunch

Friday, 1 May 2015

The movies was usual enough

The movies was usual enough; it had
A popcorn machine, a counter, and a Cinderella poster
That was taller than me. Nicole and me
did what girl do when waiting- stood and talked
Till we were let in, walked into the cinema, sat in the
top row, watched like eagles through the
Soft loud movie,
At the end we walked out and talked
Doing nothing important.
by Lily