Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Although this walk is hard, it’s still a lot of fun. We stop to have small brake. I can see fritanga, he had two photos of his sons on either side of him. We stop  by a sines to take a photo. My shoulder are sore from my bag and my feet were bored of walking. I feel tired, I want to lay down but I keep going. I can see green tall trees. I breathe in the air, cold and fresh, around me.  
The ground is, hard like a rock, messy like my room and full of plants.

As I go to left nicole, I hope I don’t drop her. The song cheerleader is on.
It made me happy to dance and toldy fail with my friends.
Zoe and I Were on the end and forgot what we were meant to do. 
The dance was short, bad and fun. Now that it’s over all I can do is laugh.

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